Q&A with Sergio Agüero

The end of the season is approaching quickly. If you had to pick one highlight of this season despite all the challenges your team was facing, what would it be?
I cannot think of one specific moment, but I can tell you what really impressed me this season, actually more than ever before: the BVB fans. The support that our fans give us is exceptional, and this season showed us that they stand behind us when we need them. Not everything went perfectly, but through hard work and their ongoing support, we managed to move up from the bottom of the table.

Aguero and Reus - Head To Head for PUMA in Dortmund 1/2/15

What is your team’s goal for the finish of the season?
We want to end the season with a positive feeling, so we are aiming to win as many matches as possible and climb up even further in the Bundesliga table. And of course it would be great to finish the season once again at the DFB Pokal final in Berlin. This would be an amazing highlight at the end, but first there is a big match to be played against Bayern München.

Speaking of the DFB Pokal match against Bayern München. How good are they at the moment?
Bayern München are always a challenging opponent, and one mistake is often punished immediately through a goal. But the team are also facing some difficulties through injuries and the past matches have shown that they are definitely not unbeatable. I think we have a good chance to win, we will be the underdog, but we often like it like that.

Aguero and Reus - Head To Head for PUMA in Dortmund 1/2/15

For the launch of the new PUMA evoSPEED 1.3 with the Dragon graphic you had an on-pitch skill challenge with the Manchester City striker Sergio Agüero. How did that go?
I am sure you can see it in the film, but I can re-assure you that Agüero really gave me a hard time. He is so quick and so ambitious and it was definitely hard to keep up with him. The switching goals were challenging in the beginning, but once it clicked, it is a really cool concept, because you can never really anticipate what happens next. This was definitely one of the best things I have done with PUMA so far.

How do you like your new PUMA football boots?
White boots are always my favourites, because they simply look slick and classy and PUMA have done a good job with adding these additional graphics. I am especially a fan of this new upper material with the skin look and feel, and the green of the dragon graphics somehow reminds me of my tattoos, so I like it a lot. I am excited to wear these boots in all the upcoming matches, fingers crossed they will help me score.

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