Xterra Pezula Full, Race Briefing 2015

xterraa logo

Taking place at the Pezul Field aof Dreams in Knysna, Totalsports XTERRA Pezula presented by Rehidrat Sport is the only XTERRA event in the series that does not contain a water discipline. The event follows a Trail Run/MTB/Trail Run format and forms part of the much loved Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival.


 Totalsports XTERRA Kids  08 July 2015
 Totalsports XTERRA Lite and Full:  09 July 2015
 Venue:  Pezula Field of Dreams
 Start Times:
 Totalsports XTERRA Kids:  14h00
 Totalsports XTERRA Lite:  10h00
 Totalsports XTERRA Full:  12h30
 Pre-Entries Open:   Entries are Open
 Pre-Entries Close:  6 July 2015

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