ASICS South Africa is proudly aligned as the technical apparel sponsor of the 2015 Sanlam Cape Town Marathon.

With just a few weeks to go, there are thousands of nervous and excited runners embarking on their last taper runs and planning their race day strategies. ASICS is well positioned to guide runners in all areas of their race preparation and pacing, and has embraced this objective via their social media and retail channels.

ASICS promotes a training and racing philosophy called “Mix Up Your Run” which is a scientific approach to using various running footwear to prevent injury and strengthen multiple running muscles. Racing flats for race day and speed work, more cushioned shoes for long, slower runs, trail-specific shoes for off road training or racing, and shoes that promote natural running movement. ASICS has various options within each of these categories. To aid further understanding of this philosophy, ASICS launched a three part video series via @ASICS_ZA and released the series in the build up to the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon. ASICS Foot ID scans at retail level take this philosophy a step further, offering consumers the opportunity to assess their foot shape, gait and running objectives to ensure optimal shoe selection.

With the highly anticipated flat and fast route, there will be much race day excitement.  A combination of international and local athletes with multiple sub 2:10 marathons to their names will set a cracking pace out in the front, but a full field of runners, each carrying a dream or goal along the way, will enjoy the high-profile event.  The ASICS-sponsored pacers will work hard at keeping dreams and goals alive, while the ASICS team of ambassadors will do the latest in advanced technical apparel and footwear proud.

Just less than half of Sanlam CT Marathon participants will line up in ASICS footwear on the 20th of September. Join the ASICS team of experts at their Cape Town Marathon expo stand to find the footwear best suited to you.

It’s a big race, go run it.


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