How to dominate a #BokNomination


What is #BokNomination?

It’s rally cry for South Africans to wear their Green & Gold to show and pass on their support for the #BoksInASICS. We’re getting behind the boys as they take on the Rugby World Cup. It’s game time. Nominate to dominate.

How does it work?

After receiving a #BokNomination from a friend, or starting your own one, you upload a short video on social media accepting the nomination and passing it one. In the video you’ll nominate at least 3 other friends, family or colleagues. Upload and tag your post with #BokNomination and #BoksInASICS. Make it memorable, and show your passion!

When is it happening?

Right now! Nominate or upload your video any day of the week, but be sure to check in and wear your kit every Bok Friday as well!

The Perfect #BokNomination

Step 1:
Put on your Springbok jersey (wearing your full kit is even better!), acknowledge and accept the challenge on camera / or start a new stream.

Step 2:
Do your move! Catch a rugby ball and pass it on. Make it fun, bold and memorable. Show us your passion.

Step 3:
Nominate at least 3 other friends, family or colleagues and pass on your #BokNomination

Step 4:
Upload and share your video on social media and include the hashtags #BokNomination and #BoksInASICS
Tips to make your #BokNomination extra special!

– Get more people involved
– Maybe dodge a tackle or sidestep someone as you catch the ball
– Dive for a try, or drop-kick for the win
– Do it somewhere interesting
– Be creative and show us your passion

But remember, proudly wear your Springbok jersey!

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