PUMA’s IGNITE YOUR CITY tour kicked off in Tokyo and then touched down in Miami. Our latest stop? Mexico City.

ignite MX.jpg

This time our run crew was outfitted with the new PUMA IGNITE PWRCOOL running shoes and apparel to navigate the hot, dusty streets of Mexico City. Horns beeped, traffic gathered, but our runners paid no mind.

The Mexico City run crew made a mad dash for the center of town – weaving through residential streets into the heart of the busy city.

IGNITE FOAM found in the full-length midsole provided superior energy return and long-lasting performance for their extended run. IGNITE PWRCOOL’s thermoregulation materials like ComfortTemp and CoolCELL kept them at optimum temperatures. This technology, also found in PWRCOOL apparel, is activated by moisture,.The bio-based wicking finish kept the runners dry despite the blazing heat.

ignite MX2
The final stop? Zócalo, Plaza de la Constitución, one of the largest squares in the world and Mexico City’s historic city center. One of our runners sped through the final few meters to touch the flagpole and end their foot race.

That’s how you #IGNITEMx. Follow the IGNITE journey as it makes its way to ten cities around the world this year. Next stop? Havana.

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