Six designs in 2015 that underscore the company’s commitment to furthering human potential.

No. 6 METCON 1



Nike’s commitment to training spans 27 years — beginning with the debut of the genre-defining Nike Air Trainer 1. Lightweight, strong and incredibly versatile, the Metcon 1 extends this legacy by redefining the way in which footwear serves the multidimensional needs of high-intensity competitive training. The shoe’s durable, wrap-around midsole defends against abrasive rope climbs while its stable heel supports heavy lifting. The flexible, sticky forefoot is ideal for movements like box jumps, burpees and pushups.

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Nike redefined training and opened up a whole new footwear category 27 years ago with the breakthrough Nike Air Trainer 1. The shoe and the culture of training it inspired forever changed how athletes prepare for their sport — even if training is their sport.

Now Nike has developed the game-changing Nike MetCon 1 shoe to support workouts through the highest levels of competition.

“We want this shoe to be an asset that helps athletes push their training, every workout, every day,” says Drew Conant, Nike Training Footwear Product Director. “The MetCon 1 is lightweight, strong and super versatile, which can help give athletes an advantage in competition. The shoe is designed to keep up with athletes no matter what they throw at it during their training.”

The MetCon 1 combines informed design and materials application to maximize its versatility. It even addresses the need to climb rope, which many athletes have incorporated into their workout regimens. The upper is constructed with tough but breathable abrasion-resistant mesh that withstands the rigors of regular workouts. Nike Flywire technology in the mid-foot wraps the arch and provides a locked-down fit to support rapid movements in any direction.

The midsole for the Nike MetCon 1 is dual-density to give the shoe the versatility it needs. The Nike MetCon 1 has a firm heel to handle the demands of weight lifting. The second density derives from the “drop-in” midsole that provides support and cushioning while running, cutting and jumping.

The outsole features a high-density rubber heel to provide the athlete with trusted stability for a wide range of exercises. The rubber also gives the shoe more durability and makes it longer-lasting. A key element of the outsole is the thin web rubber in the mid-foot that wraps up from the outsole onto the upper to protect from abrasion indicative of rope work. A sticky rubber forefoot offers traction where it is needed most.

“I want to put on a shoe and know that it’s going to work — just do its job,” says Josh Bridges, a competitive athlete. “The Nike MetCon 1 is my shoe because it does it all. It’s everything I need for training and competing and nothing I don’t, which is the holy grail for me.”

Shop Nike MetCon 1.

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