A crew of four runners gathers to explore the French capital’s less traveled locations. In an after-hours run, the group meets up at Canal Saint-Martin to make their way to an undisclosed entrance to the Catacombs.

ignite PARIS.jpg

With the faint glow of their headlamps, and the reflectivity of IGNITE PWRWARM running shoes and NightCat running apparel, they sprint through the dark, damp tunnels.

Eventually, an exit is found through a manhole in Montmarte, and the running crew makes their way above ground. Back to the crisp night air, the crew runs up to the City of Light’s highest point and finish their night run at Sacre Coeur. Finally getting a chance to catch their breath and take in the beautiful Paris skyline.

ignite PARIS4.jpg
The latest IGNITE PWRWARM running shoe gives runners high rebound cushioning and helps regulate body temperature with reflective materials. The NightCat range of running apparel includes the PWRWARM zip, tee and shorts with reflective features to keep runners visible in low light conditions, from the city sidewalk to the French Catacombs.

We will see you for the next episode when we IGNITE NYC.

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