ignite nyc2.jpg

In the eighth and final episode of IGNITE YOUR CITY, we explore the city of New York as a chilly night settles over the city that never sleeps.


A crew of five runners link up from different neighborhoods to take on a night run. Energized by IGNITE PWRWARM, they blast through construction, heavy foot traffic, and the general buzz of the city. NightCat reflectivity helps them stand out of the crowd so they can focus on their their route, the pace, and nothing else.

The best thing about a city run? You never know where your route will take you. The crew stumbles upon the rarest find of all in New York – a deserted 5th Avenue, closed for construction. They seize the moment and take off down the empty street and off into the night.

ignite nyc.jpg

The latest IGNITE PWRWARM running shoe gives runners high rebound cushioning and helps regulate body temperature with reflective materials. The NightCat range of running apparel includes the PWRWARM zip, tee and shorts with reflective features to keep runners visible in low light conditions.

Shop PUMA.



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