adidas Premieres Third Chapter of “I’m Here to Create” Films



The films series can be seen via​ and the third chapter tells the stories of French runner Julie Aubert 

At 24 years old, Julie began running through the streets of Paris and it soon became her obsession. While enlisting her friends to be a part of her journey, Julie found there was no one unified female voice or community for groups of runners to belong to so she created a website called “Mademoiselle Run.” The site is 100% female-run and provides a digital tribe for women around the world to unite and share tips, stories, start meetups and foster a collective love of running.

Over the last month through “I’m Here to Create,” adidas has brought to life real stories of authentic female athletes from around the world, all embracing their own creativity to tackle challenges on and off the field.

Seen through the eyes of female athletes, “I’m Here to Create” pulls content straight from these athletes’ social media platforms, showing how they bring their own definition of creativity to sports.

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