Margot Vs Lilly Episode 6


In an effort to attract more followers, Margot reluctantly calls an ex-boyfriend who happens to be a YouTube celebrity in his own right. Lily, however, is less than impressed by this tactic.

Additionally, in the final installment of “Behind the Lens,” Director Tricia Brock discusses the series’ physical community, while Samantha Marie Ware (Lily) explains the importance of her character’s online following.

Read below for even more insight into the series and Brock’s directorial process.

How would you describe the rivalry between Lily and Margot?
“Margot vs Lily” is about two sisters. It starts with one being a little bit older (Margot) and being excited about her career and being usurped by her younger sister (Lily) who starts her own YouTube fitness channel and is a huge success at the same time Margot is fired from her job. So there’s a little sibling rivalry, there’s maybe a little jealously, but there’s also strong family and, I think, a lot of love.

Can you give us a few insights that viewers might not pick up on when they first watch the series?
I hope viewers pick up on the backstory of their rivalry. Maybe Margot and Lily do feel like their parents preferred one over the other when they were growing up. I’m also not sure that Lily is aware that her older sister is actually a little jealous of her.

What does “Better For It” mean to you?
I think you’re Better For It when you’re able to put the time in to invest in yourself. I tend to gauge the quality of my day by whether or not I have exercised, because no matter what happens during in a day, if I’ve worked out I get to feel good about that, and I know that I am only better for doing it.

Do you think fitness possesses transformational power?
Fitness is the biggest mood changer. If you’re feeling a little blue or sad, you can just go for a walk or a run – I think it chemically rearranges your neurons. It’s essential. I don’t know if I’m fit, but I’ve been exercising all my adult life and I can’t imagine not making the time for it.



(as seen on Lily)
The tank updates a training favorite with engineered ventilation and a barely-there feel.


(as seen on Lily)
Stretchy, sweat-wicking Dri-FIT fabric provides comfort and breathability.

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