Featured Friday: Michaela Novakova

Active for Life,


This is probably the most exhilarating, sweat dripping and adrenalin rushing blog I have written thus far. Yes, I said the word sweating. Appropriate don’t you think? Being active is not only an activity, it is a way of life, a challenge with remarkable results for your body and your psyche. The art of endurance is created by perseverance and strength which comes from within. To celebrate my decision to live life to the fullest by being fit, hip and healthy, I decided to reward myself with the right gear, you know, to hug and comfort me and still express fashion and the healing powers of color. Or is that the healing powers of shopping?

The only Sporting destination that came to mind was of course Totalsports. The epitome of Sport and if I may, Sport Fashion. I visited Total Sports in Sandton City and time stood still as their remarkable team and stylist assisted me with gearing up for my achievable health and fitness goals. My selection was impeccable as I had a variety of brands to choose from. Nike and Adidas was without doubt my only two selections. As luck would have it, I could indulge in their new stock and there you have it. I was all dressed up and had only one place to go. I was feeling confident and not sure whether I was in or out of my comfort zone. I knew it, feeling so fabulous could not end at that moment. How does that saying go? Seize the moment seize the day! I immediately contacted my photographer always willing to assist. My luck saved me once again. He was available and suggested that we use the Fight Fit Militia gym as our location. Very ironic of course due to the fact that one trains for six months before embarking on the daring thought of a photoshoot. I have to confess as we entered the gym, I realised that this was no ordinary gym, the athletes training there were clearly driven and have probably reached many of their goals.


But that was not going to disrupt my focus. I was ready for my shoot. Feeling empowered by my vision and motivated by my beautiful gym attire. Yes, perfection in the making. Luckily I did not need the muscle as my suppleness made up for it. My selected gym attire was perfect. I had the comfort of moving as I pleased yet my attire hugging, ventilating and shaping my body at the same time. I adore my adidas running and training shoes. I completely got a “grip” on my training session. What a lovely experience it was.


My advice to you is to avoid the same fitness routines. Apart from boredom, your body adapts quickly and if you don’t change your routine often the results will remain on the same level. I cannot wait to advise my clients on the right gym attire and just maybe repeat this lovely shopping experience once again. Visit Total Sports for your unique training needs. Start your journey to a better, active, healthy life today. This decision will change your life.


Stay Fit,

Written: Michaela Novakova

Company: What Could I wear Today

Photography by Andrew Howes Photography

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