Featured Friday: Comrades.The ultimate human race.

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My name is Tegan Edwards and this is my story. So it all started when I was a little girl. I would stand and wait for my dad at the Comrades finish line and congratulate him when he crossed the finish line. I always said that one day I would finish the Comrades just like my dad. At this age I had no idea the amount of training,hard work and dedication it would take.

I was an athletic child and ended up making a career out of tennis. When I retired from professional tennis I started tennis coaching but I really missed competition and having a goal so I started doing obstacle races. This is where I discovered my love for running. I started running half marathons and I was doing very well but in South African road running every race is just training for Comrades. I started thinking about the possibility of running the Comrades but it just seemed like an impossible goal. Having something to strive for is what keeps us going so I entered and did a very brave but crazy thing and put my goals on social media. There was no backing out now.

Now for the hard part.I had to get training. Thankfully I already had a good fitness base. Having a dream,making small achievable goals and surrounding myself with people that had similar goals kept me motivated.

The training was grueling but there is nothing like it. When you run it is just you and the road. You are alone with your thoughts, it really is quite therapeutic. You have to be disciplined and keep reminding yourself why are putting in all this effort. You need to listen to your body and really get to know yourself. At the end of the day I learned that everyone has an opinion but you have to find what works for you.

There were a lot of times I didn’t want to train but I am glad I pushed myself. After months and months of hard work I completed my first Comrades. There is no way to describe the feeling of crossing that finish line. Everything I had done paid off. I achieved a childhood dream.

At the end of the day goals are everything from small goals to the “unachievable” goals. Nothing is impossible if you are willing to do what it takes to get there.

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