Featured Friday : Fareed Behardien Leave The Couch Blogger and Trail Addict


I’m just a regular South African – an “average oke”.

Like most normal guys, I spent my 20s in front of the TV living a largely sedentary lifestyle. This unhealthy lifestyle of fast food and inactivity resulted in a 25kg weight gain since leaving varsity. At my heaviest, I wasn’t fit, hadn’t been working out and going for a run around the block – you might as well have said “Go for a run up a mountain”.

As fate would have it, a friend bet that he could beat me in the Two Oceans Half Marathon. I took up the challenge and after three months of tough and committed training, I crossed the finish line of the 2013 race ahead of him. My post-race email report was the start of leavethecouch.com.

Since then I was hooked and I now use leavethecouch.com to share my journey from “average oke” to “fitter average oke”. I’m not an elite athlete, but a normal South African who hopes to inspire others to get up and let their bum-prints on the couch fill back up. The 25kgs which I initially gained is now long gone and kept at bay through an active lifestyle.

Since its launch in 2013, leavethecouch.com has grown to be a leading voice in the South African outdoor community taking the runner-up spot for the best Sports Blog in the 2015 SA Blog awards. It’s become my personal vehicle to share thoughts, adventures, training tips, reviews and race reports with my readers. I’ve now found a love for the mountains and forests of Cape Town and I enjoy sharing this passion with others.


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