Featured Friday: Sthembiso Hlongwa. This is my story.

My name is Sthembiso Hlongwa and this is my story.

The decision of venturing into a healthy lifestyle came at a time in which I had to face my fears and start introducing a healthy lifestyle or furthermore risk my health. My blood pressure was at it’s highest at some point and my body was trapped. This lead to having a bad influence on my self-esteem as I hated the person I had become. On top of that being in business and with a low self-esteem meant less income; I had slowed down on my productivity plus the health complications. I’ve had to go through such as obesity and depression, that impacted my life massively. The best part about it all is that I was able to change my life around, I’m eating healthy and exercising. That is my drive and anyone and every one can do it… It’s all about changing habits.

I’m glad that I have kept up with losing the weight ever since I committed myself into living healthy and exercising. I had however previously failed a number of times, but somehow this time round, I had made a decision to win this weight loss journey, fight obesity and depression. That why I have also committed myself to helping others particularly to lose weight. I believe it is more about the mindset and if you get your mindset correct and set your sights on what you believe in, you can achieve it. I am currently working on my book and DVD of which would give inspiration to those who might have been failing in committing themselves into a healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to wait for an alarming moment until you start to change your lifestyle.

“Just because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy”  ~ Author Unknown

With my book and DVD I want to get into the minds of those who believe that there is a part within themselves that they want to unleash. Now that I have lost weight by living healthy and working out I have discovered things I never knew about myself. I’m glad of the outcome it has had on me as an individual. I would also like to thank Virgin Active for giving me the platform as they were a part of my healthy lifestyle initiative program which is set to inspire people on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and exercising.

Follow me on the following platforms to find out more:

Twitter: @Realhealthydude

Instagram: healthy_life_re_invent

Facebook Page: Re-Invent Yourself a Healthy Lifestyle Initiative

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