Featured Friday: Caley Jäck – How do we become the Best Version of Ourselves?


How do we become the Best Version of Ourselves?

Nutrition, exercise and a healthy state of mind are 3 tanks that need to be fuelled daily! Put a little effort into fuelling these tanks each day and the results will help you understand the necessity of sacrifice and making healthy choices.

Resisting society’s expectations of perceived ‘perfect’ and embracing your own ‘perfect’, can play a big role in why we don’t allow ourselves to embark on this exciting personal journey of growing.

This took me quite some time to overcome in my own journey. An example of an unhealthy state of mind experience that I would like to share, was when I was requested to fly to New York City for my first co-branded photo shoot for REEBOK and Les Mills International. I naturally felt inspired to do the best I could and to look the best I could. I made sure that I was training twice a day, every day and cutting all things “bad” out of my diet. I was doing well but I just wasn’t getting my legs to the shape that I wanted them to be… then I realised, that my build and my genetic make-up was never going to get me to those ‘perfect’ looking legs that I was working towards. However, the sacrifice and effort I was putting in, was definitely shaping my legs to the best version that my legs could be! Even though they weren’t my perceived ‘perfect’, my own unhealthy state of mind had cost me a very hard and emotional journey – if I had just embraced being the best I could be, the experience of reaching my goal would have been so much more rewarding!

So enough about my story, here’s few basics on how to fuel up your nutrition tank. You know that feeling of being lethargic, heavy and toxic? Well that’s often the result of eating processed foods. Make sure that you are sticking to vegetables, fruits and whole foods that are highly anti-inflammatory. This will speed up your metabolism, stabilize blood sugar and improves your overall energy levels.

Lastly, fuelling our exercise tank – to encourage a daily habit of exercise, I feel it’s vital to find an environment that literally draws you in, and has you excited to come back! It’s important to add variety to your training week too, such as stretching, strength and cardiovascular training.  Inactivity is one of the major risk factors for heart disease. A few other benefits of daily exercise are reduced stress levels, healthier joint mobility, improved energy levels and there’s nothing better than a chemical flood of happy endorphins!

When your mind and body start functioning optimally, simultaneously – you start unleashing your beast! Productivity optimizes and you start experiencing the best version of what you can be every day!

Are you on the journey to being the best you?

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