6-Pack Secrets with WBFF competitor, Wayne Lucas.


Most people spend hours in the gym chasing the elusive 6-pack abs but fall short on achieving their goals. Majority of the time this is due to a poor diet or incorrect training but over years of trial and error I have found a handful of secrets which can curb the belly fat and have you looking good year round! By following these simple guidelines you will be on the right path to being in shape and having the sexy abs we all work so hard towards.

  1. An apple a day keeps the belly fat away. Research has found that eating an apple each day as a snack or with your meals will help burn unwanted belly fat. It is one of few foods which have a direct effect on belly fat.


  1. A rule I live by is that if you walk around in the market to do food shopping look for goods which have not been processed. Simply put if it comes straight out the ground, off a tree or from an animal it’s good to eat, the moment foods gets manufactured or processed in a factory it’s NOT healthy to eat.


  1. How to avoid cheating on your diet? It’s quite simple you should not be dieting you should be eating healthy. Your mind is a strange thing, the moment you tell it you are on a strict diet it starts to want different foods but by simple eating healthy and cutting out the bad foods you will be able to stick to your healthy meals with ease. Also a trick that I have used is if you have cravings instead of eating that chocolate or drinking that soft drink, stand up and pour yourself a glass of water, by the time you have finished drinking the water your cravings would have disappeared.


  1. When performing abdominal exercises ensure you focus on contracting the abdominals. I have seen tons of people doing abdominal exercises but fail to use their abs; they use their backs, momentum or other muscle groups to complete the exercises. To avoid this happening start with the basics and start slow.


Crunches are a great start, ensure only your shoulders lift off the ground and that your lower back remains flat on the ground, at the top of the exercise exhale and squeeze your abdominals.


Another way to strengthen your abdominals is the plank and mountain climber. When performing both of these exercises focus on squeezing your abdominals as tight as possible to keep the contraction through-out the motions.


These three exercises serve as a starting point before moving on to more advanced exercises. By training your abdominals they will strengthen your abdominal wall, this in turn will automatically pull your waist in by pulling your abdominals in towards the spine. I would recommend doing 4 sets of each, consisting of 10-15 reps, every second day.

Mountain Climber.pngplank

  1. Cardio is a must when wanting to get lean and bring out your abs but you must be smart about your cardio. Cardio can be used for different reasons and have different implications. Slow and steady cardio will help with fat loss but you will also be sacrificing muscle tissue in the long term. The best cardio I can recommend is HIIT, in other words sprints!


If you look at any Olympic sprinter they are lean and yet extremely muscular, this is because of their sprint training. By performing sprints you force your body to exert large amount of energy in multiple short intervals, this will quickly deplete your body’s energy reserves after which it resorts to burning fat for energy and spares muscle as the duration is very short. By performing one to two sprint sessions a week, depending on how quickly you recover, you will accelerate your body’s ability to burn fat. Perform 10x 50 meter sprints with 60-90 seconds rest in between each sprint.


Now that you know my secrets to staying in shape it’s your turn to implement them into your life and enjoy the benefits! Remember that you will only ever be as good as the effort you put in, by eating bad and not exercising you are cheating yourself out of a long and healthy life, respect and take care of your body, you only have one.


To find out more about nutrition, health and easy-to-do exercises, follow Wayne Lucas on:

Facebook: @WayneLucasFitnessModel

Instagram: waynelucas_fit


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