Featured Friday with Karlien Loubser – Living a healthy balanced lifestyle is possible!


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To live a healthy balanced lifestyle is not always the easiest thing to do, but it should be something that you would want to strive towards. After all, we only have ONE body. Treat it well!

I am a “normal” person. I have a full-time day job and do some part-time blogging, and on top of that I am a triathlete. Participating in physical activities is a way for me to release stress, forget about work, build self-esteem and feel good about my health.

How do I manage all of this?

We all have only 24 hours in one day. It is what you make of each hour that makes the difference. Unfortunately, work is work and this includes daily commute that takes up the majority of our time daily. Not to forget, coming home, preparing food, spending time with loved one’s and more.

I want to give you a few tips to make the best of your time and to maintain a healthy balance life.

Tip 1: Don’t fail to prepare

This means, prepare some food in advance so you can just pack it in the next day for work and go! Spending one day on food prep, will save you time over the next few days. You will also most likely not stop for take always if you know there’s food in the fridge ready.

I would prepare a batch of chicken breast in the oven that I can add to a wrap or salad on the go.



Tip 2: Get a training buddy

If you need to, get a friend that can join you for a walk around the neighbourhood, go to the gym with or enter fun walks together. By doing this, you automatically feel more liable towards them and vice versa. You are also less likely of cancelling session if you have a regular time you meet up. 

Tip 3: Peaceful sleep

Get enough sleep! I know you get into bed, turn the lights off and then open your mobile phone to check every single social media platform there is available. What you don’t realise is; your brain does not “switch off”.

According to recent studies it is confirmed that the moment your eyes and brain sees light it stops producing serotonin. Serotonin is the hormone that promotes sleep and also affectes your mood, appetite and digestion. Good sleep is essential!

Tip 4: Good food = Happy body!

Eat nutrient-dense food and not calorie-dense food. What is nutrient-dense food? For example, you can have 1 cup of fresh grapes, compared to 1.5 Tbsp of Smarties. Both will ‘cost’ you 100 Calories, but the grapes are more in quantity filled with vitamins and minerals. Also keep in-mind what it takes to burn 100 Calories. For example, you will need to swim at a moderate intensity for 15mins or go for a causal cycle for 23mins. Definitely food for thought!



Tip 5: Balance is key!

With all things in life; too much of a good thing is bad for you. Extreme diets, doesn’t last long and does more damage to your body in the long term. The key is to enjoy your life, but do so in moderation.

If you want a piece of chocolate, go ahead, but do your best to choose a healthy alternative like a 70% dark chocolate.



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Disclaimer: This is my own personal views and not promoted or endorsed by any brand. Karlien Loubser is a qualified Strength & Conditioning specialist.

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