Threadborne® consists of technology icons: Microthread, Seamless, and Siro. Each technology offers product ingredients that have been carefully crafted to minimize excess and improve athletic performance at all levels. If there is one thing that lies at the heart of Threadborne®, it is curating The New, The Unexpected, The Redefining.

Threadborne® Microthread, includes re-engineered fibers built without spandex. Instead, the garment is fitted with a coil shaped structure which gives the athlete the dual advantage of stretch & ultra-light-weight feel. Thus by removing spandex, which holds excess moisture, and redesigning an entirely new coiled fabric structure, this provides unparalleled comfort and quick drying effects with the Threadborne® Microthread


Threadborne® Seamless rethinks the need for seams in their garments in order to enhance optimal movement without restraint. Threadborne® Seamless negates the seams where they are not needed to ensure the perfect fit. The garments are built free of excess, delivering optimal comfort along with mapped breathability for the wearer. This allows the athlete to enjoy long periods of exercise effectively with its quick drying technology.


Threadborne® Siro offers performance without excess. By re-revaluating yarn fabrication techniques, Threadborne® Siro materials are built to work with the new demands of competition that require better feel, more fluid movement, and real-time performance.


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